Bad Suns Illuminate Baltimore Soundstage

By Adam Raviv

The apocalypse started with Quarters of Change and Last Dinosaurs’ exhilarating openings and persisted with Bad Suns’  riveting crowd control. 

As fans were waiting and walking in from the grimy rain, the five members of Quarters of Change discretely walked on stage and grabbed the attention of the audience, and didn’t let go. All members of the band delivered immense energy with electrifying guitar solos, cathartic vocals, and unapologetic barrages from the drummer. 

The immense energy didn’t diminish in the slightest as Last Dinosaurs came on with vibrant guitar riffs and catchy choruses that had the crowd jumping and singing along throughout their performance. The fiery vocals from the Australian band were irresistible to the crowd and perfectly prepared for the energy that was to come.

With futuristic electronic sounds and flashing lights flooding Baltimore Soundstage, the four members of Bad Suns walked on stage quickly overriding the venue’s walls with fan favorites and new releases that lit up the audience. 

It became evident through the show that the band was falling in love with Baltimore. This love ignited the inner child in lead singer Christo Bowman’s heart which made him turn the venue into his playground. From parting the crowd and hopping on top of the bar to surfing among the hands of the crowd, we were reminded of who commanded the apocalypse. The band had fans in the crowd singing and dancing to every lyric while bombarding the crowd with their discography. The daring energy from the band resonated with the crowd and resulted in an unforgettable end to the weekend.

Do yourself a favor and join the Bad Suns when they fulfill their promise to return to Baltimore.

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